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Nigel Bart is a Manitoba born and raised artist. He founded Artbeat Studio to help people living with mental illness by utilizing their creativity.  He lives with his own mental health challenges but is in good recovery.  He currently works as the studio facilitator at Artbeat Studio.  He’s shown artwork locally and nationally.  He is a father, and sits in the middle of 5 siblings. Currently Nigel resides in Winnipeg.


Growing up in a family touched by mental illness, Carla learned at a young age to search for beauty in unexpected places.  Now as she views the world around her, she sees the ordinary through a lease of possibility and faith.  Sadness and struggle are not void of beauty and light.

This informs her work.  City scenes, nature landscapes, and macro images are all seen through that lens of hope.

Having sold her photography all over the world, and exhibited work in Chicago and Winnipeg, hearing that her work resonates with those in her hometown is most meaningful.  Carla is passionate about seeing and showing Winnipeg through her lens.


Terry’s paintings are a series of autobiographies, visual records of the places that he lives in, his family, experiences and environment. A representational painter influenced by later 19th century artists his intent is to capture light and continually distill the brushwork in graphic compositions that are drawn from common and sometimes uncommon angles and perspectives.


Ray Phillips was born in Winnipeg in 1941 and grew up in an environment that encouraged artistic expression. His grandfather, famed Canadian watercolourist Walter J. Phillips, and his father John Phillips, creative director of Phillips Advertising, were highly influential in his pursit of an art career. As the son and grandson of artists, he strongly believes that art is in his blood.

Ray received his art education at the University of Manitoba School of Fine Art, but he also took inspiration from the dozens of artists he has associated with during his career. It was during his career as a commercial artist that he honed his skills in watercolour and airbrush technique. Despite the demands of a successful commercial art business, he always managed to set aside time for his own creative work.

The excitement of painting, according to Phillips, begins with the selection of a subject, followed by the challenge of achieving a good design. Each painting represents many hours of work involving equal parts of technical skill and inspiration. Most importantly, he receives tremendous satisfaction from transforming a blank piece of paper into an image that brings enjoyment to others.


Lily Schreyer is a former viceregal consort of Canada, as the wife of former Manitoba premier and Governor-General Ed Schreyer.
Mrs. Schreyer began painting as a child. In addition to her support of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society and as a result of her interest in arts and crafts, she puts great effort into raising the visibility and accomplishments of Canadian artists.


Born in Winnipeg, Manny developed a love for the broad open skies and elemental lines of the prairie landscape. Among his early artistic influences were Lawren Harris and Alex Colville. At university, Manny studied architecture and came to admire the aesthetic of modern architects such Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe. After graduating from the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Architecture in 1981, Manny worked as an artist for a number of years and had work accepted into the Manitoba Society of Artists’ Juried Exhibitions in 1983 and 1985 respectively.

In 1985, Manny took a pause from his artwork and began to pursue his business career. In 1988, Manny obtained a MBA, and in 1995 he received his accounting designation and was subsequently granted a Fellowship. Prior to retirement in 2017 from his position as Manitoba Hydro’s Corporate Treasurer, Manny had many years of senior management experience for various companies.

In 2016, following a 31 year hiatus from painting, Manny once again returned to his work as a full-time professional artist and has shown his acrylic paintings in numerous gallery exhibitions and juried competitions. For example, in 2020, Manny had two of his paintings juried into the Society of Canadian Artists 2020 International Open Juried Online Exhibition. In addition, Manny has had six paintings accepted into the last four Manitoba Society of Artists’ Open Juried Competitions, including receiving an Honorable Mention award in 2016 and the W. Cliff Packer Memorial Award in 2019.


Tony Tascona was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba in 1926. At the age of twenty, he enrolled as a diploma student at the Winnipeg School of Art, where he graduated in 1950. His style was fresh and bold with diverse surface textures and open compositions. At the age of twenty-eight, Tascona had his first exhibition in the Spring Show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In the years to follow he exhibited frequently in both group and solo shows.

Tascona continued to exhibit throughout his life. He sat on the Board of Trustees at the National Gallery of Canada from 1997 to 1999.